Legal Translation Services — Services Provided

As a specialist translator and interpreter working freelance in the legal field since 2008, my customers include numerous law firms, legal institutions and enterprises who regularly place their trust in me. High quality legal translations from German into English and the provision of interpreting services are my core competences, and I offer these services at reasonable prices. I also attach great importance to adherence to deadlines.

Legal Translations

I translate legal documents into English, for example:

  • Contracts: contracts of sale, employment agreements, contracts on the provision of services, loan agreements, cooperation agreements, licensing agreements, management contracts etc.
  • Briefs, statements of claim, responses, judgments, court orders and decisions
  • Standard terms and conditions of business, standard terms of purchase, terms of delivery, licensing terms etc.
  • Anticipatory defence briefs, arbitration and conciliation agreements
  • Expert opinions, declarations made in lieu of an oath
  • Non-disclosure agreements, data privacy provisions
  • Specialist legal articles for publication, websites in the legal field
  • Other legal documents and correspondence



I provide consecutive and simultaneous interpreting during contractual negotiations, consultations between authorities, during witness depositions, court hearings and at seminars. On request, I will be happy to advise you on the interpreting mode that best meets your requirements.


If you would like further information, please do not hesitate to contact me. I will draw up an individual quotation at short notice while taking into account the complexity and urgency of your specific project. All enquiries made and any texts sent will, of course, be handled in confidence.